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We got through that list from the last journal pretty swiftly, eh?
So I thought I'd do a little re-cap of the last few months for those who for some reason haven't been with us:

Kitacon - Once the registration numbers were increased, Sparky, Floppy, Buddy, Mini and myself all managed to attend this in April and what a weekend. Two very different stories from the team after this one, though we all started in the same place at the Friday night party, as Floppy and Mini stayed out all night enjoying party con to it's full reputation while Sparky and I spent our time at the con during daylight as they slept it off. Two of us spent the weekend in photoshoot world, playing in the wood-like areas outside the main hotel, resulting in lots of photos and a video:…
The footage of Sparky wasn't used in this one, but it's still in Nert's folders so look out for her twirly staff action in future videos, along with video of our little (Read: enormous) Disney group in May. No use getting ahead of myself though, haven't finished April yet.

Birmingham Comic Con - This definately felt strange as we're all so used to Memorabilia functioning on it's own, but not unwelcome as more space and more stalls occupied our time a little better. Mini and I donned our Air Gear team gear for what will probably be the last time; it's sad to say goodbye to the Noyamano girls but they've had a lot of use and are starting to lose their best so it's time to retire them. Having said that, we still have Simca and Kururu left to wear and by next year I'll have Rika to rock.
Definately looking forward to next year's comic con, as I'll likely wear something with a bit more effort providing I'm not working there. o_O

Then the big one.... London MCM Expo Comic Con -
Wow, thank you guys. First time I'm put in charge of the Disney group and we had at least 30 cosplayers that stayed for the shoot, even more that came and left! Including Bouncy as Charlotte, Mini as Slightly/Ariel (makes that sound like a very weird crossover), and myself as Helga Sinclair and The Blue Fairy.
We had a very epic group, and loads of pictures so far which has been very impressive. Nearly none yet from the Sunday shoot once we went indoors, which is a violent shame as I honestly thought someone had my camera again like on the Saturday. Oh well. :/
As usual it was really nice seeing everyone; Sparky, Buddy, Bouncy, Floofy, Mini, though it's always sad to miss Pet and Snappy when we knew they were there. :(
A huge thank you to everyone who came and supported me at the Masquerade on the Sunday. You have no idea how nice it sounds to hear a cheer at "Teacup-Erinyes", before my character was even mentioned - mean bastards, do you even know how difficult it is for me not to sob hysterically when things like that happen - kidding... sort of. Seriously my most proud moment to go onstage on my own and not have a crying meltdown at the sound of Disney music, cos you all know I do that (totally did backstage when the Disney Wedding group went on).
And apparently I didn't win a judges award, which I'm not going to lie I was totally bummed about. Honestly thought if I wasn't getting a sparkliest award I should have just gone home. Once the Performance winner was announced and I did a quick "you go girl", I started watching the expo through the gap in the curtains, zoning out completely cos I was super no longer interested in paying attention to Granny's rambling.
Woops. :P…

So what's next?

NEMACON - If you aren't there you're a loser. True Story. Floppy and myself could actually be asked to be responsible for more than just babysitting pens and fetching lunches this time... don't hold your breath but theoretically it could happen. Either way it's cheap and pretty so you should come. If you're looking out for me, I'll be Juliet from RomeoXJuliet on Saturday and on Sunday choosing between Lara Croft, Helga Sinclair or Anastasia.

LFCC - still planning to attend this one, not sure if mum is joining in but I'll be a Bimbette from Beauty and the Beast providing I can afford the wig. May be a bit rushed but the Disney group is always interesting there.

London MCM Expo Comic Con October - Only one group day this time and tbh I don't expect anyone to join in. I'm holding a Disney Tea Party/Picnic on the Sunday, which is so far a small affair made for a cute photoshoot and an excuse to drink tea and eat Disney themed confectionary. Also finally going to do my Farscape costume on the Saturday (don't any of you let me change my mind on threat of death), and possibly joining in the LOTR group if I get time.
If anyone is making hotel plans though please let me know as so far I'm screwed.

November events: Memorabilia Birmingham ( I might be working at this, but will let y'all know), Thought Bubble Leeds (for once not on the same weekend!), Hyper Japan Christmas.

2013 events: May expo, as always. Nemacon, as always. Memorabilia, as always. Possibly Hyper Japan again.
Ayacon!! We have a large group doing this:… so joooooiiiiiiin uuuuuus! Also, Snappy has challenged me to a masquerade off, so my most rediculous costumes will be unleased... you're going down girly!.

And with that, I'll disapeer back into the ether, in other words back to my new cosplay workstation (read: Cat Shelf) to make my sword.

Bossy out. x
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